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The Crum family (Chip, Katherine, Sasha, Virginia) following Katherine’s graduation from Hollins University – the capstone event on our graduation weekend.

Yup. We did it. Two graduations in two states, less that 18 hours apart. It was a whirlwind, exhausting, exhilerating, and (hopefully) once in a lifetime!

Just a few bits of trivia that made it especially significant to us:

1. McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland is Chip’s alma mater. Not only did Sasha (our younger daughter) graduate from there this year, but also our niece, Caroline. So we now have a mini alumni association in our own family.

Our personal McDaniel Alumni Association: Caroline Koogle ’12, Chip Crum ’84, Sasha Crum ’12

2. Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia is my alma mater. The speaker for my commencement was Dr. Paula Brownlee, our beloved, then-president of Hollins College. My classmate, and Dr. Brownlee’s daughter, Dr. Elizabeth Brownlee Kolmstetter, coincidentally, addressed Katherine’s commencement. And as a surprise to Liz, she was presented with an honorary doctorate from the school – which her mother was on hand to present to her. All this, plus two other members of my class were there – one with her daughter, Catherine, graduating with mine! WOW.

Dr. Paula Brownlee (Hollins College president 1981-1990), Katherine Crum ’12, Virginia Crum ’85, Dr. Elizabeth Brownlee Kolmsetter ’85, Collette Foster-Frank ’85, Linda Bertorelli Jennings ’85, Catherine Bertorelli Jennings ’12

And so on they go. Sasha’s already knee deep in graduate school. Katherine is about to begin her internship at the National Museum of Women in Art in Washington, DC. And Chip and I are left smiling, watching them go.

And, of course, we have the colors selected for their apartment – the contractors will arrive soon . . .

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While most of us refer to it as ‘graduation’, schools always call the ceremony ‘commencement’.  And so it is.  The completion of an academic career must be the beginning of something else.  For my girls (who both graduate this weekend), it’s a bright new future:  graduate school, a career in the museum field.

For me it’s the commencement of another decorating project.  Because no matter what you’re commencing, you must live somewhere.  And that somewhere should be as comfortable and attractive as your vision and budget can make it.

And I must admit, I’ve really enjoyed the whole dorm decorating thing.  It would begin each August with major treks to their respective schools.

Yes, we filled the Suburban to the brim with every fall trip we made to the girls’ colleges.

Katherine, settling into her first dorm room

Embrace the dorm room and create the unique space that will become a sanctuary for your college student.  While all is pretty and comfortable, note the less-than-attractive necessities:  boxes of Raman noodle soup!

Sasha, her first day in college, ready for metriculation.

Somehow I don’t have pictures of Sasha’s dorm rooms over the years, but she did have them, and true to Sasha’s style, they were very different each year.

By senior year (this year for both girls, as Sasha went through in just 3 years), both girls enjoyed their best housing options.  Both had large, single rooms in vintage buildings.

Here’s a look:

I just LOVE Katherine’s senior dorm room! The floor-to-celiing window looks out over the historic front quad. The ceilings are about 12′ high. An exceptional space! Just right for her Bella Notte bedding and Chartreuse & co accessories.


Sasha’s senior year dorm room is in a mission-style house. She scored two windows and loads of square footage. The little sconces on the wall were original to the house. So cute.

And while I generally object to posters as a decorating tool, I had to admit that this one was pretty awesome. It was like she had a window looking out over Paris.
The comfy chair and ottoman didn’t hurt, either.

So now the rooms are being packed up.  This phase of our decorating lives has come to an end.  It’s been a blast, but I know it’s just the beginning of bigger and better things to come. . .  (I’ve already stashed some great finds for their new apartment!)

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