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Think about Spring and what comes to mind?  Warm sunshine on your face.  A breeze carrying that kiss of warmth and promise of summer.  And gardens bursting into their own.

This Spring is bringing me the most spectacular garden I’ve ever had.  And it’s been such a rewarding lesson in being faithful to a vision.

Here’s some befores, some durings, and you’ll just have to wait a little on the full-on afters:

Beginning the Monday after our February sale, Jared Herman and his team arrived and began the earth moving.

Beginning the Monday after our February sale, Jared Herman and his team from Old Towne Historic Landscapes arrived and began the earth moving.

As the footers were poured, I began to see Jared's 2-dimensional design come to life.

As the footers were poured, I began to see Jared’s 2-dimensional design come to life.

I had tried over the years to create a pretty little shade garden along this wall.  The only thing that thrived was poison ivy.  Solution?  A water feature!

I had tried over the years to create a pretty little shade garden along this wall. The only thing that thrived was poison ivy. Solution? A water feature!

The brick paving throughout is artwork, but what I really can't wait to see is the water wheel that's going to be hinged on the iron frame built into the pond's coping.

The brick paving throughout is artwork, but what I really can’t wait to see is the water wheel that’s going to be hinged on the iron frame built into the pond’s coping.

Around here, you either Go Big, or Go Home.  Jared totally got that one.  This spetactular outdoor fireplace was built straight, on a hinged base.  Once it was set, Jared and his crew lowered one side to create a convincing 'ruins'.  It appears that the fireplace, over the years, has pulled away from the crumbling house walls.  Amazing.


The irrepressible crew, who worked through wind, rain, and snow to finish this huge job inside of a month.

The irrepressible crew, who worked through wind, rain, and snow to finish this huge job inside of a month.

The crumbling wall.

The crumbling wall.

From inside the  planting beds, accented with 'windows'.

From inside the planting beds, accented with ‘windows’.

The crumbling walls on the north side of the entry.

The crumbling walls on the north side of the entry.


The plants are coming in this week.  Can't wait to see!  I'll be shooting pictures all summer long . . .

The plants are coming in this week. Can’t wait to see! I’ll be shooting pictures all summer long . . .


This one’s of Jared, the mastermind and creative genius who saw our barns and could see the gardens they needed.

So there you have it.  Our work in progress is becoming pretty spectacular.  Jared’s planting a beautiful wisteria in that picture of him.  He planted it and trained it’s branches over the ‘ruins’ and up the fireplace.  The other plant he’s featuring?  Hydrangeas.  I almost cried when he told me.  I absolutely LOVE them.  And dogwoods, and magnolias.  Historic, timeless plants to complete the vision.

But what do I love most about the whole construction?  The stone and brick used in the walls and fireplace is all salvaged from toppling farm buildings right here in Frederick County, Maryland.  So in our own little way, we’re preserving something of those other barns that couldn’t be saved.

Happy Spring!  Hope you’re inspired to go out and create something wonderful in your yard.

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Elle Decor (one of my favorite magazines) dished out their prediction of style trends for this coming year. Some of them are obvious, as we’ve already been seeing them. But some are unexpected things to look for:

1.  Brass is in

After years of silver being the hip, fresh metal, gold tones had to make a come back.  In contrast, brass now looks so new and unexpected.  Truth be told, this trend has been developing of a while.


I do like how the gold accents warm the space.  Not loving the walls and rug with it (or the lamp for that matter).  This room still needs some life . . .


Here’s an example I love from the Atlanta market I just attended.  The charmingly curvy legs on this pretty metal table make me happy.  I think I have just the spot for it.  The warm gold is just right for it, too.  It wouldn’t work at all in the shiny silver we’ve seen so much of over the past 5 years.

2.  Green is in.

This one I totally applaud!  As you probably know, green is my favorite color, and I just can’t decorate without it in one shade or another.  Pantone has declared Emerald Green the color of the year.  We’ll see.  But green in general is a must-have color.


I’m not one for pure modern (there’s a nice nod to history with the french chairs), but I just love this space.  And what makes it pop?  Why that fabulous chartreuse pear lamp, of course.  A continuing trend I’m predicting for this year:  lucite furniture.  That invisible little end table is perfect.

3.  Embellished walls

According to Elle Decor this means anything from full-on trompe l’oeil to sea-grass wall paper (a pretty broad category, if you ask me).  However broad, I love the trend.


Ahhh, my two favorite trends in one – embellished green walls.  To die for . . .


Here’s a great example from the Atlanta market I just attended.  This compelling Paris street scene was drawn with charcoal on a drop cloth, and put up as a temporary wall in the High Design hall of the market.  The image drew you straight into the ‘room’.


Absolutely love this space!  These ‘walls’ are also hand-drawn on drop cloth.  The ‘french moldings’ appeared to have been created with a Sharpie!  So clever.  And if you have a sure hand, so easy!  (The russet silk sofa is pretty awesome, too.  Love the perky, striped pillow with is.)

4.  Lace

This is one I’m not so sure about because, frankly, I don’t love lace.  But here’s a pretty use of it:


Lace accents on textiles is something I was definitely seeing in Atlanta, too.

5.  Beige is big.

Somehow ‘Beige’ as  a trend is a little silly to me.  I mean, isn’t Beige just always a go-to in interior design.  It’s almost cliché.  But they say it’s trending for 2013, and I’m not going to argue with the loveliness of these rooms:




And what makes Beige a workable, interesting design choice?  Use of texture.  Look at all three of these rooms, and you’ll see that it’s the variety and play of texture that makes them great.

What trends do you see evolving out there for 2013 and the future?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and observations.

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I understand that many women are not good at spatial relations, that is, understanding how objects fit in and move through space. I offer myself as a case study:

Two days ago I made plans to pick up a large hutch that the owner told me was in two pieces, the larger of which was 5’3″ x 4’11” x 18″ deep. She didn’t think it would fit in my Suburban. “Of course it will,” I thought blithely.

But I was wrong.

So yesterday, upon returning without the hutch from her home, I ordered a rental truck from Home Depot. “I’ve got a 16-footer for you, mam,” replied the nice young man on the phone. “Oh, no. I just need a cargo van; I don’t want a box truck!”

Later that day, we made our second trip to pick up the hutch.  It took engineering and muscle power that, honestly, neither the homeowner, my daughter, nor I had just to get the thing out of the house and to the back of the waiting van.  With my dear daughter on one end, the very kind furniture-owner on the other, and me at the end, we realized that, in fact, I needed a box truck.

So, back to Home Depot we went.  I would like to publicly acknowledge my gratitude to the young man who helped us.  He was very efficient, and didn’t once say, “I told you so.”

On our third attempt to retrieve this hulking, impossibly heavy piece of furniture from it’s former residence, we finally succeeded. Plus, into that great big truck went an oak chest, a drop-leaf pedestal table, 3 wicker chairs, a desk, a vase and a can of paint.

Next time I’ll start with the box truck.

Here are some photos of what’s at Chartreuse & co right now (including the infamous hutch).

DSC_0657 DSC_0662 DSC_0663 DSC_0666 DSC_0672 DSC_0676 DSC_0680 DSC_0684


DSC_0696 DSC_0697 DSC_0699

DSC_0701 DSC_0703 DSC_0707


DSC_0717 DSC_0723 DSC_0730





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It’s been a busy month so far. House guests, renovating the cottage, Chip’s birthday (yes, it was Thursday, the big party is planned for later in the fall – when it’s cooler. ), and the sale this weekend. Here’s a few images of some favorite items from this month’s sale.

Click on any image to see it larger.  Enjoy.

And, thanks for reading.

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Here’s a few items I just photographed today. Enjoy!
Love these chairs.  They're not identical, but a perfect pair.
The brass number updates this beautifully painted chest.
How could I not love this adorable piece?  It's chartreuse, after all.
Shapely dress forms
The Cottage has expanded here at Chartreuse.  Check out the space at the top of the stairs.
Actual brass tags from Ford Motor Co.  Perfect for anyone driving a Ford.
So graphic.  Love the shocking yellow gear.
Fabulous red leather chair.
I think I need a wall like this in my office.

I’ll be posting more in a few days.

Thanks for reading,

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We’ve been working hard getting ready for the big Barnstormers Tour this Saturday. The Americana and vintage pieces throughout the barn are great, as always. Here’s a few of my favorites.

I love flower frogs as paper weights, or just as sculpture. They even work nicely holding flowers in place in my vases. . .


These sparkling stars create a festive bouquet.


Add pretty napkin rings to your festive table. They bring elegance and order.


Collect these clever napkins and observe the improvement in dinnertime behavior.


Love the details and unusual design of this vintage occasional table.


I stopped dead in my tracks when I passed by this perfect set of transferware pitchers. Aren’t they festive paired with the flags?


There are so many great little pieces of jewelry throughout the barn right now, but I particularly liked the cheeky illustration on this one.


I’m just a sucker for flowers. Especially such a simple and happy presentation.


Check out our website for pictures of all the great cubbies we have right now. I especially like the numbering on this one.


Scarves are such a chic and easy fashion accessory. This flag-inspired one is a go-to for Independence Day.


Perfect summer seating. Just add lemonade.


The chest in this photo has great lines and is such a nice size. There’s a pair of the chairs pictured with it.


LOVE this old camera.


And this light meter.


You’ve got so see and feel this settee to fully appreciate the extraordinary fabric on it. It’s stunning.


Here’s just a little detail.


This undersea linen runner brings the ocean to your table. Add the marine-colored goblets and you’re set.


Fabulous chalkboard. Love the lettering used here.


Don’t really plan on making an army’s-worth of coffee? Use the cool canister as a centerpiece for your buffet table instead. Love the flags (and the twinkling string of lights isn’t too bad either).


Would any list of favorites be complete without a French chair? I think not.


The lettering makes this pail.


I don’t water ski. I’ll probably never water ski in my life. But I love them on the wall, propped against a cabinet. They’re just such a perfect summer-time icon.

For even more pictures check our website: http://www.chartreuseandco.com/tagsale.

Hope to see you Saturday for the Barnstormers Tour, June 9, 9am-4pm.

Thanks for reading,

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While most of us refer to it as ‘graduation’, schools always call the ceremony ‘commencement’.  And so it is.  The completion of an academic career must be the beginning of something else.  For my girls (who both graduate this weekend), it’s a bright new future:  graduate school, a career in the museum field.

For me it’s the commencement of another decorating project.  Because no matter what you’re commencing, you must live somewhere.  And that somewhere should be as comfortable and attractive as your vision and budget can make it.

And I must admit, I’ve really enjoyed the whole dorm decorating thing.  It would begin each August with major treks to their respective schools.

Yes, we filled the Suburban to the brim with every fall trip we made to the girls’ colleges.

Katherine, settling into her first dorm room

Embrace the dorm room and create the unique space that will become a sanctuary for your college student.  While all is pretty and comfortable, note the less-than-attractive necessities:  boxes of Raman noodle soup!

Sasha, her first day in college, ready for metriculation.

Somehow I don’t have pictures of Sasha’s dorm rooms over the years, but she did have them, and true to Sasha’s style, they were very different each year.

By senior year (this year for both girls, as Sasha went through in just 3 years), both girls enjoyed their best housing options.  Both had large, single rooms in vintage buildings.

Here’s a look:

I just LOVE Katherine’s senior dorm room! The floor-to-celiing window looks out over the historic front quad. The ceilings are about 12′ high. An exceptional space! Just right for her Bella Notte bedding and Chartreuse & co accessories.


Sasha’s senior year dorm room is in a mission-style house. She scored two windows and loads of square footage. The little sconces on the wall were original to the house. So cute.

And while I generally object to posters as a decorating tool, I had to admit that this one was pretty awesome. It was like she had a window looking out over Paris.
The comfy chair and ottoman didn’t hurt, either.

So now the rooms are being packed up.  This phase of our decorating lives has come to an end.  It’s been a blast, but I know it’s just the beginning of bigger and better things to come. . .  (I’ve already stashed some great finds for their new apartment!)

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