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I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. But I love a single, beautiful piece. With fall and winter coming, I begin to think about that just-right piece to finish off my outfit. If you get the right piece, your clothes can be of the simplest form and design, yet your look will be polished and put together.

My favorite designer of such pieces is Fran Simons of & Coco. Here’s a few pieces that she brought into the barn this weekend.

I have a soft spot for cameos. For my 21st birthday (and graduation from college) my grandmother Thomas (for whom I am named) gave me her grandmother’s cameo engagement ring. I gave it to Katherine, my older daughter, when she graduated from my alma mater, Hollins College.
Chip, knowing my weakness for these delicate pieces of wearable art, has given me several over the years, and I love them all. This piece of Fran’s updates the cameo into a chunky necklace, without losing the cameo’s star quality.


Each element of this necklace is is playful and fun. The coin/chip/button – I really don’t know which – shines with that pop of red. The elements all play so nicely together.


Okay, so now we’re into the bling. I think this one’s centerpiece began life as a shoe clip. Can you imagine clipping a pair of rhinestone encrusted clips of this size onto your shoes? I really don’t think I could walk in them. But this necklace? Perfect.


The simplicity of this numbered tag is charming. I don’t even like the number 17 – not sure why, I just don’t – but I really like this necklace.


Imagine this deeply plunging pearl necklace finishing a simple, mono-chromatic dress. Lovely.


These cuffs create glam with the simplest of outfits. Think jeans and T-shirt or turtleneck. One of these finishes it off just right.


If you’ve ever had a rosary, you’ll recognize the origin of the pieces of this bracelet. It’s delicate beauty is accentuated by the lovely Madonna image.


I really think I need this one. Another bracelet created from pieces of old rosaries. I love that the rosary pieces are finding a new life. A simple, yet meaningful piece like this makes me happy every time I see it.


Uber-bling! Nobody’ll miss your entrance with one of these spectacular cuffs on your arm! Love it.


These leather cuffs are enhanced with vintage brass faceplates – you know, the beautiful old backs to drawer pulls. Fran has found a delightful way to use them and really show off how pretty they are.

Have you picked out your favorite yet?  It’s hard, I know.

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It’s been a busy month so far. House guests, renovating the cottage, Chip’s birthday (yes, it was Thursday, the big party is planned for later in the fall – when it’s cooler. ), and the sale this weekend. Here’s a few images of some favorite items from this month’s sale.

Click on any image to see it larger.  Enjoy.

And, thanks for reading.

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Here’s a few items I just photographed today. Enjoy!
Love these chairs.  They're not identical, but a perfect pair.
The brass number updates this beautifully painted chest.
How could I not love this adorable piece?  It's chartreuse, after all.
Shapely dress forms
The Cottage has expanded here at Chartreuse.  Check out the space at the top of the stairs.
Actual brass tags from Ford Motor Co.  Perfect for anyone driving a Ford.
So graphic.  Love the shocking yellow gear.
Fabulous red leather chair.
I think I need a wall like this in my office.

I’ll be posting more in a few days.

Thanks for reading,

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‘Tis the season for yard saling. And for barnstorming. And this month I’ve been up to both.

Artists, history and architecture enthusiasts toured barns throughout the Buckeystown area last weekend.


Our barns were included on the tour, and our visitors embraced the opportunity to learn and enjoy.


Barns are beautiful.


At the reception afterwards, we were able to purchase this delightful oil painting, by Courtney Lee, of our beautiful barns.

And then on to this weekend’s fun: Yard saling! Chartreuse & co’s annual Yard Sale is this weekend, and we’ve all been rummaging through all our treasures, projects, and finds, marking them at irresistible yard sale prices.

Plus, we’re always bringing in fabulous new finds. Here’s a look at my favorites this month:

Silverware chimes. So simple and pretty.


This pretty french chair is one of a pair.


There’s a number of exceptional vintage cameras in the barn now. This one has to be my favorite.


Aren’t these just the cutest little owls, ever?


I just had to include this one. After years of struggling and coaxing, my hydrangea is finally not just surviving, but flourishing! I’m sooo happy!!!


That just-right shade of tangerine. And a matching pair, too!


If I had a beach house, this arrangement would be there.


I love everything about this console table. The bow-front. The carved details. The spot-on color. It’s just perfect.


These lamps (there’s a pair of them) are that perfect bottle green. And I love that the bottoms are open, so you can create vignettes inside them, and change them so easily.

And I’ve finally gotten some serious work done on my laundry room. Result? Tons of yard sale-priced vintage linens that I just can’t fit in my newly organized space.

I’ll be posting pictures -before and after – when the room is finally complete (I ran out of paint part way through . . .)

Thanks for reading,

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We’ve been working hard getting ready for the big Barnstormers Tour this Saturday. The Americana and vintage pieces throughout the barn are great, as always. Here’s a few of my favorites.

I love flower frogs as paper weights, or just as sculpture. They even work nicely holding flowers in place in my vases. . .


These sparkling stars create a festive bouquet.


Add pretty napkin rings to your festive table. They bring elegance and order.


Collect these clever napkins and observe the improvement in dinnertime behavior.


Love the details and unusual design of this vintage occasional table.


I stopped dead in my tracks when I passed by this perfect set of transferware pitchers. Aren’t they festive paired with the flags?


There are so many great little pieces of jewelry throughout the barn right now, but I particularly liked the cheeky illustration on this one.


I’m just a sucker for flowers. Especially such a simple and happy presentation.


Check out our website for pictures of all the great cubbies we have right now. I especially like the numbering on this one.


Scarves are such a chic and easy fashion accessory. This flag-inspired one is a go-to for Independence Day.


Perfect summer seating. Just add lemonade.


The chest in this photo has great lines and is such a nice size. There’s a pair of the chairs pictured with it.


LOVE this old camera.


And this light meter.


You’ve got so see and feel this settee to fully appreciate the extraordinary fabric on it. It’s stunning.


Here’s just a little detail.


This undersea linen runner brings the ocean to your table. Add the marine-colored goblets and you’re set.


Fabulous chalkboard. Love the lettering used here.


Don’t really plan on making an army’s-worth of coffee? Use the cool canister as a centerpiece for your buffet table instead. Love the flags (and the twinkling string of lights isn’t too bad either).


Would any list of favorites be complete without a French chair? I think not.


The lettering makes this pail.


I don’t water ski. I’ll probably never water ski in my life. But I love them on the wall, propped against a cabinet. They’re just such a perfect summer-time icon.

For even more pictures check our website: http://www.chartreuseandco.com/tagsale.

Hope to see you Saturday for the Barnstormers Tour, June 9, 9am-4pm.

Thanks for reading,

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Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. Between the activity of Market Days, late last month, and then getting ready for our tag sale this month, I’ve fallen a bit behind on so many projects.  And with graduations looming, there’s even more to think about . . .

Even my laundry room and office re-dux have had to take a back seat to my latest venture, which is much more time sensitive: We’re converting the second floor of our soon-to-be-vacant tenant house into an apartment for our soon-to-be-graduating girls. While we’re sad to say goodbye to our tenants of 10 years, it does offer the silver lining of providing a convenient, affordable living space for our girls. And, of course, the opportunity for me to do some small-scale living decorating!

I’m just so darn excited!!! It’s 3 small rooms: a bedroom for each girl and a very small living/dining/kitchen space.

I see a pair of these on the 'sofa table' behind the sofa as you enter their 'living room'.

The sofa-table/kitchen island transitional piece for the tiny living/kitchen/dining room.

I’ve actually already acquired this one (with their permission), and, naturally, it came in 50,000 assorted pieces!  But it’ll be smashing once it’s finished!

Their little sofa is similar to this one. Would you believe I scored it for just $40 at a Goodwill?!?! It's being completely reupholstered in a chic grey velvet.

Check out my Pinterest page, “Apartment Inspiration” for more of my concepts for the kitchen portion of the space.   This is like a dream come true for me:   the opportunity to decorate a life-size doll house!!!

Thanks for reading!


PS  Here are some shots of some of the great stuff in the barn right now, just in case you weren’t able to come see for yourself . .


Okay, so I've covered my bedroom, Sasha's room, her hallway (yes, the house has so many rooms and corridors, that my youngest, Sasha, has her own 'hallway'), the exercise room. There's no end to the rug selection, and the great prices make it such an easy decision!

One of my absolute favorite items this sale. So simple. So profound! Where has this easy, charming concept been all my life?

What is it about the Union Jack that so draws me? I suppose it's that I've always been an anglophile. But there's just something fiesty, yet reassuringly steady about it that I just can't put my finger on.

Oh, yeah, and there's TONS of great furniture here this weekend. Just in case you're wondering . . .

With the finish of this month's sale, but prior to my girls' graduations and moving, and all that that entails, Chip and I are running off to the beach for an extended weekend. These pillows and coral kinda take me there early . . .

I love these tea towels from France. I stumbled upon them at the Atlanta Merchandise Market and couldn't live without them. (It didn't hurt that the French guy selling them could say, "Chartreuse!" with that perfect French accent.)

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Wow! I can hardly believe that it, but April’s nearly over! Between Market Days, Easter, and Spring Break with the girls, it’s flown by.

But I’ve also been busy in the barn and here are some pictures of what’s going on there:

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Wow, what a great weekend we had!  The weather was perfect (if a little chilly on Saturday when the wind blew . . .), the offerings we sooo great, and everyone had such a good time.

In case you couldn’t make (or in case you want to relive it a little), here’s some pictures of what went on:

Here’s Hunt & Gather’s eclectic take on vintage.

Asia meets Europe, right here in Buckeystown.

The Green Cottage filled the yard with bright color and stunning original artwork.

Love this vignette of vintage bottles.

Bella Villa was here with bells on!  Mixed with Favorite German Antiques, the space was stunning.

So many great finds – original and vintage – that everyone found that perfect something.

Yup, I scored that fabulous french settee!  I promise that I waited till Sunday evening – I always give you dibs on the finds.

Carly Simonds of Peanut & Scoot enjoying Market Days!

Gatehouse Designs brought some stunning finds.  This matching pair of twin headboards were that perfect shade of almost green, almost blue, very french gray.

And so many beautiful things . . .

These darling bunnies are real, and were so tame that Monica’s daughter sat with them and pet them through the day.  Adorable!


Robin, of The Robin’s Nest, was loving the opportunity to shop right here on the grounds!

And Bella Villa was rocking the surroundings.  I just love the way Rosanna intermingled her European antiques with the natural surroundings.

I loved this vessel nested into the mulberry tree.  If it weren’t for my passion for the French settee, this wonderful vignette would have stayed right where it was.

The bracelets are even prettier nestled into these shells.

The paint inside this European antique desk is original.  (And those little brown books are now mine!)

Emma Jean’s General Store was here, and look how great this earthy table looks against the white-painted stone of our bank barn.

Jackie and Sheree of Seasons brought a yummy mix of textures, and put them together so well.

And here they are musing over their space.

Judy and Meghan of HarMonia brought organic lavender, a huge hit!

Plus they brought some finds from their recent trip to Italy.

Oh, yeah, our grounds never looked so good!

And we’re doing it all again in September!  So much fun!!!

Thanks for reading,


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It really is the ultimate for someone like me (addicted to all things home and decorating):  I currently have a tent city of spectacular finds nestled throughout the grounds of my home.  It is, truly, AWESOME!

As the trucks rolled in today, I was like a kid in a candy shop!


Yes, today I believe that happiness can be bought.  And I’m lookin’ right at it.

I figured if I could peak under the truck tarp, I could peak into the tents.  Here’s some of what I found:


All that, and Annie Sloane dropped in to see us (more about that later . . .)

Thanks for reading,


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We’ve been pruning and mowing, hauling and decorating, all in anticipation of the 20+ dealers who are arriving over the next 2 days as we prepare for Market Days – our first ever – this Saturday and Sunday.

I have to admit I’m a little nervous.  We’re all so excited to see what they bring.  Can you imagine anything more thrilling than a flea market coming to your home for the weekend?  Talk about shopping heaven!!  I know I’ll have to control myself. . .

A little order goes a long way, so here’s what we’re doing (you’re getting the early scoop) –

The shopping starts at 9AM on Saturday, noon on Sunday.

Wear your flea market attire; bring your big ole bag (and the truck!).

Bring cash (everyone accepts it).  Only some of the outdoor dealers will accept checks.

We’ll have a special outdoor (in the corn crib) credit-card-only check out, just in case you come upon that amazing piece that breaks your cash budget.  But be prepared for lines and waiting for this service. 

Outside items must be picked up by Sunday at 4pm.

Overflow parking is available next door at St Thomas More Academy.

Here’s some images of the great stuff that’s in the Chartreuse & co barn, which will be chuck full, by the way.  I’ll be shooting pictures of what the outdoor dealers bring as they set up over Thursday and Friday.  Stay tuned!



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