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Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. Between the activity of Market Days, late last month, and then getting ready for our tag sale this month, I’ve fallen a bit behind on so many projects.  And with graduations looming, there’s even more to think about . . .

Even my laundry room and office re-dux have had to take a back seat to my latest venture, which is much more time sensitive: We’re converting the second floor of our soon-to-be-vacant tenant house into an apartment for our soon-to-be-graduating girls. While we’re sad to say goodbye to our tenants of 10 years, it does offer the silver lining of providing a convenient, affordable living space for our girls. And, of course, the opportunity for me to do some small-scale living decorating!

I’m just so darn excited!!! It’s 3 small rooms: a bedroom for each girl and a very small living/dining/kitchen space.

I see a pair of these on the 'sofa table' behind the sofa as you enter their 'living room'.

The sofa-table/kitchen island transitional piece for the tiny living/kitchen/dining room.

I’ve actually already acquired this one (with their permission), and, naturally, it came in 50,000 assorted pieces!  But it’ll be smashing once it’s finished!

Their little sofa is similar to this one. Would you believe I scored it for just $40 at a Goodwill?!?! It's being completely reupholstered in a chic grey velvet.

Check out my Pinterest page, “Apartment Inspiration” for more of my concepts for the kitchen portion of the space.   This is like a dream come true for me:   the opportunity to decorate a life-size doll house!!!

Thanks for reading!


PS  Here are some shots of some of the great stuff in the barn right now, just in case you weren’t able to come see for yourself . .


Okay, so I've covered my bedroom, Sasha's room, her hallway (yes, the house has so many rooms and corridors, that my youngest, Sasha, has her own 'hallway'), the exercise room. There's no end to the rug selection, and the great prices make it such an easy decision!

One of my absolute favorite items this sale. So simple. So profound! Where has this easy, charming concept been all my life?

What is it about the Union Jack that so draws me? I suppose it's that I've always been an anglophile. But there's just something fiesty, yet reassuringly steady about it that I just can't put my finger on.

Oh, yeah, and there's TONS of great furniture here this weekend. Just in case you're wondering . . .

With the finish of this month's sale, but prior to my girls' graduations and moving, and all that that entails, Chip and I are running off to the beach for an extended weekend. These pillows and coral kinda take me there early . . .

I love these tea towels from France. I stumbled upon them at the Atlanta Merchandise Market and couldn't live without them. (It didn't hurt that the French guy selling them could say, "Chartreuse!" with that perfect French accent.)

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Wow! I can hardly believe that it, but April’s nearly over! Between Market Days, Easter, and Spring Break with the girls, it’s flown by.

But I’ve also been busy in the barn and here are some pictures of what’s going on there:

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Color Happy!

Yes, I’m color happy right now.  I’ve just spent the day at a Farrow & Ball color seminar, coming away inspired and more knowledgeable.

For instance, did you know that when selecting a paint color for exterior use, you should go up to 2 shades deeper than your original choice?   Reason:  the sunlight/exterior light is so intense that it washes color out.  A deep cream or grey will appear almost pure white outside.  Fascinating.

And extremely relevant to my upcoming summer project:  painting the barns.  Here’s some choices I’m considering from Farrow & Ball’s incomparable palette:

Eaves trim, door surround, window lintels:  Down Spout


My hope is that it would look almost black, without the harshness of true black.

Surface of barn face, window mullions:  Pavilion Gray

(This is not an accurate sampling at all.  It’s actually a light grey, not a taupe . . .)



The door, and any shutters?  Yup, an excellent shade of green:  Churlish Green


It’s a work in progress, and I have lots of time to work it out, as I must wait till it’s consistently 65% and not raining . . .

I’d love to hear about any exterior painting suggestions or successes you’ve had. 

Thanks for reading,


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It really is the ultimate for someone like me (addicted to all things home and decorating):  I currently have a tent city of spectacular finds nestled throughout the grounds of my home.  It is, truly, AWESOME!

As the trucks rolled in today, I was like a kid in a candy shop!


Yes, today I believe that happiness can be bought.  And I’m lookin’ right at it.

I figured if I could peak under the truck tarp, I could peak into the tents.  Here’s some of what I found:


All that, and Annie Sloane dropped in to see us (more about that later . . .)

Thanks for reading,


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We’ve been pruning and mowing, hauling and decorating, all in anticipation of the 20+ dealers who are arriving over the next 2 days as we prepare for Market Days – our first ever – this Saturday and Sunday.

I have to admit I’m a little nervous.  We’re all so excited to see what they bring.  Can you imagine anything more thrilling than a flea market coming to your home for the weekend?  Talk about shopping heaven!!  I know I’ll have to control myself. . .

A little order goes a long way, so here’s what we’re doing (you’re getting the early scoop) –

The shopping starts at 9AM on Saturday, noon on Sunday.

Wear your flea market attire; bring your big ole bag (and the truck!).

Bring cash (everyone accepts it).  Only some of the outdoor dealers will accept checks.

We’ll have a special outdoor (in the corn crib) credit-card-only check out, just in case you come upon that amazing piece that breaks your cash budget.  But be prepared for lines and waiting for this service. 

Outside items must be picked up by Sunday at 4pm.

Overflow parking is available next door at St Thomas More Academy.

Here’s some images of the great stuff that’s in the Chartreuse & co barn, which will be chuck full, by the way.  I’ll be shooting pictures of what the outdoor dealers bring as they set up over Thursday and Friday.  Stay tuned!



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Check out page 103 of the April issue of Washingtonian magazine. It’s official: we’re a ‘hidden gem’ of the Washington, DC area! Whoo Hoo!

Thanks for reading!

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Katie R., a long-time customer,  sent these photos of her Chartreuse & co treasures in her home.

Click on image to enlarge:

Picture 1: The pop of blue from the candles and the pitcher draw your eye to the buffet-top vignette.

Picture 2:  I love using pretty little chairs like this in halls and on landings.  They are so welcoming and so pretty.  And, to me, a lovely chair is a piece of useful sculpture.

Picture 3:  Just love the playful placement of these frames and mirrors.  Design tip:  Always have fun with your decorating!

Thanks for reading,


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